16 Jul 2022
The Ziro Music Festival
Posted by: Harsh Gupta

India is a diverse country. one of the most varied countries in the world is likely the host to a long -established culture. From clothing that members of various cultures wear to the languages that they speak, the country reflects both its diversity and varied heritage. Music is a key component which is why music festivals are held annually all over India.

What is the Ziro Music festival?

The Ziro Music Festival is hosted in the beautiful town of Ziro, which is situated in Arunachal Pradesh's lower Subansiri district. It is renowned for its beautiful Pine Hills, rice fields, and pleasant weather. Apatani Tribe, a distinctive tribe, calls it home. UNESCO has included it to its list of World Heritage Sites.

Anup Kutty, the guitarist for Menwhopause, and Bobby Hano created the music festival in 2012. The Apatani tribe in the Ziro Valley, one of the most attractive areas in the state, hosts the celebration, which lasts for four days. The festival is an outdoor music event that highlights the abilities of independent performers in India. The most notable musicians from India come together for this event, and a wide range of people go to watch. The festival includes a broad variety of musical styles from all over the world, including jazz, folk, indie rock, electronic dance music, and more.

The festival uses materials that are acquired locally for its infrastructure. Donyi (Sun) and Polo (Moon), the festival's two stages, are built by regional craftspeople nearly entirely out of bamboo. This was influenced by the animist Donyi Polo religion practiced by the Arunachal Pradeshi people. The event has a no-plastics rule and exhorts visitors to be kind and leave no trash behind making it one of India's biggest ecological festivals.  

How to get there?

For one to reach Ziro and experience the festival, they have to go through an adventurous journey as there are no direct flights to Ziro. The closest one could fly to is North Lakhimpur Assam, around 140 km away from Ziro. You have to catch an overnight train to a nearby town from where it will take a 3-hour cab ride to reach Ziro. This adventurous journey becomes a perfect getaway and makes Ziro a place people love to travel to.

Next year when the Music Festival will be held, visit Arunachal Pradesh and treat your soul to not just an enthusiastic experience of the festival but also to a beautiful journey to reach it. Call us right away to take advantage of the most economical flight offers to Arunachal Pradesh. Travelidea guarantees that your trip will be both safe and enjoyable.