26 Jul 2022
Posted by: Pallavi Garg

The perfect itinerary for Ziro Festival comprises a 6-day adventurous journey! It’s not only the music festival that will amaze you but also the fun you will experience throughout your journey to the Ziro Valley. Let us create the best plan for your Ziro Festival tour:-

Start off from Guwahati to Naharlagun

Once you reach Guwahati, you will need to catch a train to Naharlagun which is approximately 332 kilometers away. You can spend this seven-and-a-half-hour-long journey with your friends and family joyously! Remember to book your tickets one month prior to your journey. This train adventure would help gain some peaceful time with nature and your kin. So, enjoy this time to the fullest!

Reach Ziro from Naharlagun

The distance between Naharlagun and Ziro is 102 kilometers, and it will take you about 4 hours to reach the Ziro Valley. You will get to see the pristine beauty of nature through the pine hills and magnificent villages enroute during your journey. The flat valley with golden padded fields is the mark of entering the valley. This breathtaking way to Ziro Valley will leave you awestruck! Moreover, you can book yourself a tent to add to your adventures and enjoy the camping experience!

Visit the venue in Ziro Valley

To get entry into the venue, you need to make ensure that you register yourself in the box office and get the “entry wristband”. It is a simple but very crucial step. Afterward, you can treat yourselves to the local cuisines and drinks. You can attend the inauguration in the afternoon and then enjoy the evening performances and activities!

Explore the Apatani Village

To get a taste of the local and cultural life of the people, you can go ahead and explore the Apatani village! Apatanis are one of the oldest indigenous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. You can take a guide with you to feed your knowledge-hungry brains during the village walk. The secret of Ziro Valley, being a UNESCO world heritage site is hidden behind the sustainable practices and mindsets of the tribal people. You can learn about their cultures, traditions, and beliefs. This exciting village walk awaits you!

Land in Tao Tiibi

Visit one of the most beautiful and exhilarating trails of Ziro Valley, the Tao Tiibi. The landscape of this trail is so spellbinding that you might never want to leave from here! This place is home to an old couple from the Roto Pani family who have been the sole residents since 1968. Their farmland is popularly known as ‘Roto Pani Organic Farm’. You can talk to the old couple and get the golden chance to help on the farms. Then you can go back to your camps and enjoy the 2nd day of the festival wholeheartedly.

Enjoy the last day of the Ziro Festival

Go on a full-day enjoyment trip on the last day of the Ziro Music Festival! Watch the performances and have the best time of your life! Participate in the dancing and singing activities and save the memories for a lifetime! Enjoy the after-party with your friends and family at the bonfire. 

Return to Guwahati

After 5 days filled with fun and enjoyment, it would be time to go back home! Get on the train, relax, and go down your memory lane to snap, collect and remember each memory! After a relaxing and peaceful journey, you would be ready to return to your normal schedule with full-on energy!

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