07 Jul 2022
The Historical Varanasi
Posted by: Yashvi Roliya & Stuti Jain

Experience the old narrow streets of this beautiful city Varanasi which is bestowed by Lord Shivas existence. This destination is the holiest of the seven sacred cities. This is what makes it so special.  The Ritualistic and ceremonious beauty of this place smitten everyone. The unique enticing ghats in addition to popular magnificent temples on religious festivals like Diwali, Holi, Mahashivratri makes it the most happening place.

 Let us list a checklist to keep things in mind while visiting this astonishing place, Varanasi.

The Assi Ghat

This is the most renowned and remarkable southernmost ghat in Varanasi. This place has a unique story of its own. Here Goddess Durga hurled her sword after defeating the demons Shumbha and Nisumbha. The location where the sword landed resulted in the formation of a river known as Assi. The one thing you should not miss while visit this ghat, is the Subah-e Banaras which is hosted in the morning and affords to give a wonderful view of Ganga.

Varanasi's Temples

·       Akshay Vat Temple

·       Allepo Devio Temple

·       Mangala Gauri Temple

·       Patalpuri Hanuman Temple

 These auspicious temples would surely make you want to fall in love with the divinity of God. Taking a dip and performing all the rituals, surrounded with mantras and music in the background would surely make you feel magical and grounded. There is a saying, if you pray to God by heart here, surely all your sorrows would be unburdened and you would get peace of mind.

Banarasi Shopping

 Go around and buy the exclusive and inquisitee souvenir from Varanasi. Things you should surely buy from there and would add to your taste of element would be :

·       Banarasi Silk

·       Crystal and Stone Shivalinga

·       Glass beads

·       Sculptures

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