14 Jul 2022
The Ethereal Europe
Posted by: Pallavi Garg

The continent of Europe is more miniature in geographical terms; however, its beauty compensates for its size. With its lush beaches, limestone cliffs and the most beautiful mountains on the planet. Its never fails people to imagine it as heaven. In fact, the historic and diverse presence of the culture makes it a magnetic spot for tourists from all over the world. Let us not forget about the food, you name it, ad you get to savour the most delicious cuisines of all times. So, what are some of the best places to visit in Europe? And what are they so famous for? Let’s find out!

London, England

London, known as the innovator of art and culture is one of the most visited places all around the world. Its rich 2000 years old history makes it one of the greatest hubs for iconic buildings and landmarks. It is one of the best walkable cities which makes it easy for tourists to roam around and enjoy. Some of the famous attractions of London are as follows:-

a) Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Neasden: This traditionally built temple is known to be Britain’s first authentic Hindu temple. This beautiful and spiritual place never fails to give everyone an exquisite experience of the Indian culture.

b) The London Eye: Launched in 2000, It is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. Its impressive architectural quality makes it a sight to behold. It will amaze you with a sweeping view of the whole city of London. Isn’t that wonderful?

c) Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: A place that is worth striking off your bucket list. It is an extraordinary museum and tourist attraction where one will find various waxworks of famous personalities including Usain Bolt and Michael Jackson.

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Paris, France

Known as the City of Lights, Paris will leave you spellbound. This fashion capital is like a paradise for foodies and fashion lovers. The French have always been considered culinary artists around the clock. This has enabled them to enhance their culture and food traditions. You will also get to enjoy the freshness of the gardens and the magnificence of its cathedrals. You should experience the following places in Paris:-

a) The Eiffel Tower: Who doesn’t know about Eiffel Tower? It is one of the most remarkably known landmarks of the world. This centerpiece was built to glorify the mechanical prowess of modern France worldwide.

b) . The Seine River Cruise: If you want to go sightseeing in Paris, the best way to do it is via this river cruise. You will get to enjoy the breezy elegance of the whole city. Moreover, you can also enjoy your lunch and dinner on water peacefully. On average, the cruise lasts for about one hour but for special tours, it gets extended to two hours as well.

c) . Euro Disney Park: Who will miss the chance to meet their childhood friends, right? Euro Disney Park is the place where you will get to meet them, be it Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Pluto, you will have fun with all of them. This is one of the most magical places in Paris that will feel like a dreamland to all.

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Geneva, Switzerland

With so much to express, Geneva is a city with a diverse and sweetening culture. Sweetening because who will forget about the famous Swiss chocolates? Nestled between lakes and mountains, this place will forever be ingrained in your mind once you visit it. Apart from its beauty, it has visible strategic importance as well. Some of the most important international organizations like the World Health Organization, The World Bank, and The United Nations have their headquarters set up in Geneva. So, let us dive deeper into its tourist attractions:-

a) Montreux: Before reaching Geneva, taking a stop at Montreux would be amazing! Montreux is one of the most beautiful esplanades in Switzerland. You can easily wander around enjoying the scenic beauty of the place. Your stroll will be filled up with flowers and flowers everywhere. To relish in the lovely atmosphere of Geneva, don’t forget to visit Montreux!

b) La Gruyere: The heart of Switzerland lies in this medieval town of La Gruyeres. With a lot of enigmatic cultural attractions, one will be able to appreciate Switzerland culturally to a great extent. You can visit the museums to understand the historic importance of the place. And don’t miss out on strolling the entire village amiably!

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Rome, Italy

Rome, also known as the “Eternal City” represents eternal beauty in terms of culture, food, traditions, monuments, and people. The capital city of Italy has many secrets to reveal in its museums and galleries that one must explore. Be it the history, the gelato, or the Italian Pasta, not a single thing is worth missing out on! You should expect the following from this city:-

a) The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Before entering the city of Rome, one must go and visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Just like what Eiffel Tower is to France, The Pisa is to Italy. This iconic monument is a symbol of its fight against the laws of nature.

b) The City Tour of Rome & The Vatican City: Starting off the city tour with popular museums would be great for curious minds. The essence of the rich history of Rome would be a valuable experience to have. Similarly, Vatican City also has various religious and cultural sites to travel to. It is also the central authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The entire tour will leave you exhaustively happy!

These four cities are like the dreams of the European dreamland! With highly attractive packages, Travelidea will ensure to make these dreams of yours come true! So, don’t hesitate, live “The Ethereal Europe” with us!

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