17 Jan 2023
The Complete Packing List for your Kashmir Trip
Posted by: Daisy Das

With regards to visiting Kashmir, visitors should know what to pack for their trip to Kashmir. Packing your clothes to Kashmir relies upon variables, for example, which month you are visiting, and keeping in mind the traditional standards and cultural norms of this place.

What to pack for your Kashmir trip during the Summer season? 

With the change from spring to summer season, the month of March and April offers mostly rain, cold, and some time sunny weather.

  1. Umbrella/Rain coat
  2. Trekking boots
  3. Moisturizers
  4. Cotton Clothes
  5. Woolen Clothes
  6. Jeans, Pants, Trousers & T-shirts
  7. Sunscreen & Moisturizer

What to wear in Kashmir during the Winter Season?

  1. Cardigans
  2. Pullovers
  3. Heavy Sweaters
  4. Trench Coats
  5. Socks
  6. Caps
  7. Mufflers
  8. Warmers
  9. Earmuffs
  10. Gloves

Other Things to Carry:

  1. Medicines
  2. Hiking boots
  3. Umbrella
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Moisturizer, Cold Cream, Sunscreen, Lip Balm
  6. Thermos to fill hot water in winters
  7. Headscarf for women if visiting a religious place
  8. Light snacks
  9. Camera
  10. Torch
  11. Cash
  12. Carry post-paid sim only
  13. Carry proof of your identity (Original, no photocopies)

Connectivity Things: Must Carry

Power outage is common in most places in Kashmir, especially in the mountainous regions like Sonamarg and Pahalgam.

Make sure you always have a:

  1. Power bank
  2. Plenty of memory cards for your camera.
  3. Waterproof camera bag as well; you don’t want your camera to get wet.

Skiing Essentials

  1. Ski Jacket, Ski trousers (salopettes/ski pants)
  2. Several pairs of Ski socks
  3. Ski gloves
  4. Ski cap 
  5. Ski goggles
  6. Proper ski shoes that can fit in ski equipment
  7. Warm jacket when not skiing during morning or evening

Trekking Essentials

  1. Backpack & rain cover
  2. Trekking shoes preferably high-ankle one
  3. Day pack trek essentials like a sunglasses, sunscreen, protein bars, lunch box, water bottle, etc,
  4. Headlamp/torch
  5. Trekking pole
  6. Personal medical kit
  7. Thermals
  8. Fleece jacket
  9. Feather jacket
  10. Waterproof pants
  11. Sun cap
  12. Woolen cap
  13. Toiletries like sunscreen, lip balm, toilet paper, toothbrush & toothpaste, hand sanitizer, hand towel, sanitary napkins, etc.
What do the local people in Kashmir Wear?

The local people in Kashmir wear Pheran. It looks like a traditional churidar pajama but the sleeves are long, broad, and loose with heavy embroidery. Pheran looks like a perfect blend of Indian and Iranian clothing. It also includes a scarf or headdress, known as kasaba or Taranga. This can be worn by men as well, but the style is a bit different.

For men, pheran is a long and loose gown which hangs below the knees, they usually wear with pyjamas. The outfit is worn with a tight cap on the head.

Are you excited to know where to buy local Kashmiri clothes?

You can buy the beautiful traditional Kashmiri dresses from the local stores, especially in the tourist spots. You will have unlimited options to choose from, be it the colors, embroidery, designs, accessories, embellishments and more.

This is everything you need to know for your next visit to Kashmir so that you can plan your trip effortlessness. Don’t forget to explore the beauty of Kashmir, the stunning landscape, indulge in adventurous activities, try the local cuisine and enjoy shopping.

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