02 Aug 2022
Posted by: Siddhi Patni

You've decided to vacation along with your friends. How exciting! You've probably already done your financial planning, browsed Instagram using the hashtag #wanderlust, and pinned a tonne of packing hacks. But now when you have to get specific about organizing your trip, it may be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Today, Travelidea has become the CEO of Pack Up + Go, a travel company that curates customized, safe and the perfect vacations for you and your loved ones. Here is a list the of things you must consider before traveling with your BFFs:

Protect your girls’ getaway with travel insurance

You, as the trip planner, may be the one to charge the trip deposit, the Airbnb reservation, or the activities to your credit card. Thus, you require travel insurance. Insurance can save you from losing the full cost of your vacation if you have to postpone or interrupt your girls' weekend due to a covered reason.

A yearly travel insurance policy may be the simplest and most economical method to safeguard your girls' trip (and all of your other travels, too!)

If a member of your party needs to cancel or shorten the trip, take the time to understand how travel insurance can protect travelling companions. It's a good idea for each traveller to buy their own travel insurance, especially if you're going somewhere where your national health insurance isn't usually accepted. You should remember that this insurance is an inexpensive way to secure your travel investments.

Have a girl-code

A girl code for going out is not only fun but also vital. Before going out for a night with other single ladies, you should definitely go through the ground rules, especially the sleeping arrangements in case your roommate meets someone they want to bring home. Be sure to choose a designated driver or a sober voice of reason if there is going to be heavy drinking. Security first!

Schedule at least one dedicated bonding session

It doesn't necessarily follow that you enjoy the same activities because you are best friends and know everything about one another. This is so obvious, you may be thinking to yourself. There are so many various ways to enjoy the same place, and you're not a mind reader, so I don't understand why we would both choose to travel to Mexico if just one of us like the beach. To avoid any friction once you're on the vacation, be aware of each other's plans and ideas of “fun” when you schedule the trip. Choose one or two days when you can be alone and do your own thing as well. Add spa days and candle light dinner nights to the plan where you can get to bond with your girlies.

Coordinate your packing

For your girl squad, choosing the appropriate attire for the location is crucial, so pack appropriately. Make a great choice for your wardrobe. Keep in mind that you need to take numerous photos here. You can organise at least one day with synchronised clothes with your girl group. It can be lovely team tees or all-white outfits from head to toe. Take pictures, upload them to Instagram, and give your crew major #squadgoals (Also remember to tag Travelidea and we will repost your posts and we might add your aesthetic reels to our Youtube!) A little chat amongst friends with regards to clothing goes a long way. Also packing together will avoid overpacking and save space.

Identify what your girlfriends “need”

See how we don't mention “want” and say “need” instead. Each of your girlfriends has their own ideas about what they want to do and which places they’d like to visit. A successful girls' weekend away will be tailored to your friends' most pressing needs. Try an unplugged vacation, like a cabin in the mountains, if everyone has been focused on work for months. It's time that you treat yourselves to spa treatments and delightful dinners if your friends are overworked with household responsibilities. A break that will allow you to go out on the town should be planned if it's been too long since you've had some fun.

Setting a budget cap is more important than you think

Making sure the budget is feasible for each of your girlfriends on a weekend\getaway with friends is among the most vital planning steps. The last thing you want is for someone to feel left out or uncared for due to an excessive spending plan. As a consequence, you should determine each person's budget and adjust your plans as necessary. Additionally, bear in mind that the location and scheduled activities are more crucial than the lodging, so spending excessive sums on hotels or resorts is pointless.

So what are you waiting for? Travelling the world with your close ones does not need a reason.

Go ahead and get that girls’ getaway with your bestfriends. Celebrate your friendship and travel the world on a budget with Travelidea.