12 Jul 2022
Pet-Friendly Ways to Travel
Posted by: Siddhi Patni

Are you someone who hates parting with your furry little friend when traveling? Do you want to include your pet in family vacations or weekend getaways? Have you ever dreamt of running on the shore lines with your pet with soft waves at your feet?

Well, with Travelidea, you can make memories with your pets all around the world. Leaving your fur babies at a boarding home while going on a holiday is the hardest thing for pet parents and thus, we, here at Travelidea have customised special pet-friendly packages for you and your adorable pets. Pets share your wanderlust but there are some things you should keep in mind before you board. 

The following is a list of recommendations to keep in mind while traveling with your pets:

How to fly with your pet?
Before beginning with the process, you must make sure your pet travels well and can adapt to different weathers and people. Remember to get your pet checked by the veterinarian to ensure it can fly. Then comes the tedious task of contacting various airlines, finding out which one of it allows pets, the restrictions and the protocols to follow. You can skip this entire process if you book your flight with Travelidea. We also do your web check-in and give you the boarding pass before-hand (also affordable). During the flight, your pet will have to be in a crate. Carry a crate which is big enough for your pet to move.The crate has to be airline-approved, so go through the website before you pick a crate. In addition, you can add identification tags, the pet’s information and your contact details on the crate.
Travel Packing Check-list for your pet

You need not be stressed about the packing at all (even if you are a Monica Geller or Amy Santiago, haha). There are just a few things that you cannot miss on. Pet-food, a bowl, a leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, towels, tissues, grooming tools, first-aid kits, and necessary travel documentation are some essential items to be packed. Get lots of water with you and avoid feeding your pet while or an hour before travelling. Feeding them four hours before the flight would be perfect. Bring along a favourite pillow and comfortable bedding to help your pet feel at home.

Pack a few toys for your pet, including some new ones for novelty and a few old favourites to keep them happy and entertained during the trip. You should carry a few medicines that the veterinarian advices.

Safety Measures

Precaution is better than cure, isn't it?

Your name, phone number, and any other pertinent contact information should be printed on the collar and tag that your pet wears. It's a smart idea to attach a temporary travel tag with your cell phone number and your destination phone number on your pet's collar for the duration of your trip. Take vital papers pertaining to your pet with you. If you're crossing international borders, in addition to documentation of your rabies vaccination, a health certificate may be required. If you happen to have your pet’s insurance, you should carry the papers to cover medications.  Making a list of veternaians in the area you are visiting is a must. Ensure that there are soft copies as well as hard copies of all the documents. Install pet-friendly apps on your phone. These can help you find walking trails nearby, pet-friendly restaurants, dog-parks etc. Double checking for the hotel you have picked being pet-friendly is very important.

Travelideas for your pet (Get it?)

Pets are the best companions. They will accompany you in every activity with a lot of energy, However, you should plan some activities specifically, for you pets. If your pet likes being in water, you can take your pet to pet-friendly beaches and let them play with the waves. A day of canoeing with your pets by your side is something you will cherish forever. There are plenty of pet cafes that you can explore with your pets. Usually, pets enjoy the adventure of travel as much as humans do. Maybe even more! You can go for a walk or a hike and go on adventures with your pets. Dog parks are perfect for a simple afternoon. Self care with your pets is a luxury in itself. Get massages together, have a spa day or relax in the pool. Honestly, every moment will be a sweet memory with you little ones. Just take that trip and treat yourself and your pets. 


No more missing your pets when you’re away. No more trusting some other person with your precious little friends. No more expensive flight deals or vacations in the name of them “pet-friendly” vacations. Travelidea offers affordable yet the best deals for flying with your petsties (pet + bestie). Whether you're visiting pet-friendly beaches or exploring foreign cities, you and your pets can take in the sights together (and pose for some truly adorable vacation photos!)

Travelling with your pooch will help seal your bond, and create memories you’ll never forget. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and book a package of happy memories.