06 Jun 2022
Ladakh - The Land of Passes
Posted by: Yashvi Roliya

Ladakh is a remote and breathtakingly gorgeous vacation destination. It is a place where its coldness gives an oozing effect and makes you fall in love with your surroundings. The astounding magnificent beauty of the location along with the bustling cultural life contributes to the region’s vibrancy and charm.

This place is defined for its beauty which includes majestic snowcapped mountains, crystal clear skies, rugged valleys, and roads. Let us have a look at the beautiful destinations in Ladakh.

Pangong Lake

Ladakh has an endorheic Pangong lake which is at a height of 4350 meters, being the highest saltwater lake on the planet. The water in the lake appears to be dyed in blue with a contrast of barren mountains surrounding it. The most astonishing thing about this lake is that it changes its color, that is from blue to green to red. 

Khardung La

Khardung la is a gateway to Nubra and Shyok Valley. The pass’s beauty is magnificent, making it a perfect location for an adventurous experience. Furthermore, it is nearly hard, not to be dazzled by the magnificence of the colossal mountains and freezing whirlwinds winds. This place is to just explore the nature’s genuine grandeur.

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery, the largest gompa in central Ladakh, is a twelve-storied building, situated on the top of the hill in Thiksey.  Thiksey Monastery  comprises of four main structures: The assembly hall, the guardian god hallowed place shrine, Tara temple and Maitreyan Temple. Each of these structures are built with an intricate meaningful purpose which makes the place even more beautiful.  The most astonishing thing about the guardian hollow shrines is, that they are generally hidden behind veils; the veils are only uncovered during the Gustor festival and when there is turmoil in the hamlet. 

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley, also referred as Dumbra, is a high-altitude cold dessert situated in Hunder Village. The vast vistas, massive mountain faces, attractive pathways, a rainbow of hues, and melodious Shyok river flowing through the valley would amaze everyone. It has an altitude of almost 10,000 feet. Nubra Valley makes us witness the full splendor of Ladakh's flaming hues, with clouds floating like candy in the blue sky.

 Ladakh has a lot to offer, the serene and the scenic environment is a sight for the sore eyes. Take a trip to Ladakh today with Travelidea and get amazing customizable packages.